Sunday, March 15, 2009

Spring Break day 1

OK, so spring break officially started at 3:00 on Friday but Mr. Alex had other plans. He came down with croup. I did not think 6 years old could get it but my kids have always been original. So yesterday was counted as a rest day. Even through we did have one major milestone. Jake is sleeping in a big boy bed( crib with the rail taken off). He chose by himself Mo Mo ( Elmo) sheet set. Alex's was the wiggles and I mean everything the wiggles! He proudly slept in his bed all night but has not ( thank goodness) figured out that he can get out of it by himself. So today we went to the Fort Worth zoo. Another milestone for Jake ( his first trip). We had a wonderful time. Alex's favorite part was the snakes(yuck) and the gorilla. Jake loved the jaguar and the bear. He was terrified of the gorilla and elephant. Go figure! All and All it was a great trip. Tomorrow, we are off to the Wiggle World in Plano with Alex's best bud Ford and his little sister Mason.