Saturday, March 21, 2009

Spring Brak day 6

So we did not make it to old city park. I can say with all honesty that we did not make it out of our PJ's until 4:30 pm. Instead we did nothing at all. Alex's request. The boys played outside but that was about it. At 4:30, Alex and I scrambled to get dressed because we had a play to go to. We saw Peter Rabbit at the DCT. Sweet aunt Alicia got us the tickets. We went with another mother and son. We went to dinner beforehand and afterwards we went to their house where the boys rough housed and we had a nice chat. It was nice to talk to someone over the age of 6. Not that I don't love talking to Allen but it was nice all in the same. However it was a late night and everyone is having trouble getting going and Alex has soccer. I will try and post pictures later today. We are gong to hang out and start thinking about school.(sigh)