Sunday, May 30, 2010

Road trip anyone?

This summer we  are making on annual pilgrimage to Michigan. But we have decided to be a little braver this year and not take the usual day and half route. Instead, it will take us a mere seven days to get to Michigan. Here is the planned route: Dallas to Little Rock ( short stop to see friends and the Peabody ducks), back in the car and off to Horn Lake/Memphis. We will be spending 3 nights at Horn Lake in a cabin. We are planning on seeing some of the highlights of Memphis while visiting with Allen's family. Next stop, Nashville for brunch and then to Bowling Green.  We will spend the day in Bowling Green seeing caves and Dino world. We will spending the next two nights at Mammoth Caves in Cave City. We plan on taking in many more sights before heading out on the last leg of our journey. The plan from there gets a little fuzzy, thanks to a website I stumbled across called They have each state listed with tons ( I mean tons!) of unique, wacky tourist traps sights.  I really excited because Allen is indulging this whim of mine ( partly because most of the stops are free). So we may or may not make it to Michigan on Tuesday but really who cares??? Well maybe the kids?  What counts is that they are only young once and we are going to take advantage of the saying " Because we say so!" Really they are very excited about the trip besides Jake's firm believe that he will not be swimming in the lake this summer. We will see about that!  Well I am off to plan some more and see what other crazy sights I can find.