Monday, July 13, 2009

Memories of the summer so far.......

This has been such a great summer! We have had so many fun adventures. Here are some of my fave highlight moments so far.

  • The car ride to MI. We had such a good time and laughed so much (mainly at Allen but don't tell him).

  • Just spending that precious time with no outside distractions on the way here.

  • Alex's face at Lego land.

  • Long walks in the State park with Jake in his jogging stroller.

  • Spending time with my cousin Kathleen. It has been so much fun sharing some mommy moments.

  • Watching Jake interact with Jonah and Issy.

  • Watching Alex make memories with his cousins. He will treasure this time forever. I know I did.

  • Tubing with the boys. I never laughed as hard as I did when Alex and I were on the tube and Papa was trying to know us off.

  • Spending time with my mom. I really miss her during the year.

  • Spending time with Ninny.

  • roasting marshmallows in the new outside fireplace

  • watching Alex catch fireflies

  • Night swimming with Alex and cousins

  • Watching my dad bond with the boys

  • Having Jake wipe my face with his shirt because I had ice cream on it.

  • Watching my baby go off to camp for the first time.

In the words of Alex, this is the best summer ever! I know we have many more adventures ahead of us.


Christy said...

I loved seeing the pictures! The new hair is so cute! You all look like you are relaxed, and having a good time, just reading your blog made me long for the days when I created those lazy summer day memories. I can only imagine what a peaceful foundation this is giving the boys as they weave themselves into the family's summertime traditions! We miss ya here, but I'm just so glad for your summers in paradise!